Kickstart Training

Working With a Budget & Need Hands-On Infusionsoft Implementation Training?

We’d like to introduce you to Automate My Biz’s Kickstart Training.

Here at Automate My Biz, we provide exceptional training by experienced Infusionsoft Certified Partners and consultants to small business owners across the country.

As you may already be aware, Infusionsoft requires all new users to complete an Infusionsoft training program with a Certified Partner upon purchasing the software. This training is essential to ensure clients are able to receive the most value out of the automation software as possible.

How Does The Automate My Biz Infusionsoft Kickstart Training Work?

Your Infusionsoft Kickstart Training should have two very important elements in it.

The first is to set your overall Automation Strategy.

Your automation strategy is critical to your success in automating your business and without it, we see many business owners waste time, money and resources, eventually becoming burned out by a chaotic and never-ending automation journey.

Its very important upfront to design an end-to-end automation strategy incorporating all the sales, marketing and internal processes you need to automate. This may even require the breakdown of the strategy in to multiple rounds or releases to ensure new changes and process adaptions aren’t overwhelming.

Automate My Biz spend the first session with all Kickstart Training clients creating an Automation Blueprint to set you in the right direction and give you a complete 10,000 foot view of your automation strategy. We identify what’s important and what can wait.

Kickstart Marketing Automation Training Designed For Your Business Only

The second important element of an Infusionsoft Kickstart Training program is to have tailored and unique training sessions designed for your invididual business, operating model and marketing funnel. Every business is different and will need to utilise slightly different features, combinations and tools within Infusionsoft to achieve the best results. Your remaining Kickstart Training sessions should have their agenda’s planned based on your intial Automation Blueprint so that you only learn what you need to know and don’t get bogged down in thousands of things you can create with this incredible software.

Find out more about our Kickstart Training pricing and availability by calling us direct or contacting our helpful Automation Experts via the form on this page. If you feel you would prefer the complete done for you integration then click here.