Infusionsoft Cost

Want To Know How Much Infusionsoft Actually Costs? Get the Low-Down on Pricing Below

We know that small business budgets are tight and surprises are no fun for business owners.

If you’re looking to adopt Infusionsoft for your small business, Automate My Biz would like to give you the low-down on the pricing structure.

There are two components to the Infusionsoft Pricing so let’s break these down:


Monthly Infusionsoft Editions

Infusionsoft is a monthly billing arrangement with complete automated payments made to Infusionsoft HQ in the United States every month. Infusionsoft is 100% contract free with no breaking or leaving fees. This risk-free component illustrates the confidence Infusionsoft has in their product and that their customers will stay around because they love to, not have to.

The Infusionsoft monthly editions start at $199 USD per month and there are a number of versions of the system, tailored to small businesses to ensure you only pay for what you need.

You can check out the Infusionsoft Pricing here however as Australia’s largest and oldest Infusionsoft Certified Partners, we encourage you to speak with us about your unique requirements and discover our competitive partner lifetime discounts.


Kickstart Program
Infusionsoftis designed to be completely tailored and customised to your unique sales funnel and business. Because of this, the system is a complete blank canvas and shouldn’t be used out-of-the-box but rather designed upfront to suit your business pipeline and activities.

For this reason and due to the scope of what Infusionsoft can do for a small business, Infusionsoft HQ requires all new users to complete a Kickstart Training Program with a Certified Partner or Headquarters directly.

During this training you’ll be equipped to develop a complete automation blueprint and develop the understanding to automate each step of your business.

Automate My Biz’s programs range from introductory DIY Kickstart Programs with a training focus, through to complete Done-For-You Programs for those who are time-poor or would like their campaigns built by an expert.

Our clients choose, and continue to partner with Automate My Biz for their Kickstart Program a few reasons:

  1. We provide a range of face-to-face workshops and training programs for those who prefer to learn in person, rather than online;
  2. We operate on Australia’s East Coast making it easy to schedule your training sessions at convenient times;
  3. Our team provide ongoing, long-term support and love to partner with small businesses from the initial Kickstart Program and beyond through years of growth and expansion;
  4. Our experts understand the Australian market and our truly unique way to doing business.

To discover which Infusionsoft Edition is right for you and enquire about our competitive lifetime partner discounts, contact our team direct today.