Done-For-You Program

Don’t Have Alot of Time & Want Infusionsoft Set-up For You By a Certified Consultant?

Many people on the hunt for sales or marketing automation software have one big problem.

They’re already too busy.

They often don’t have the time or headspace to be able to take the steps and do the ground work that automating their business requires. Its not a problem in laziness. Its just simply a vicious cycle – you need to work longer, because you aren’t automated, you aren’t automated because you need to work longer…you get the idea.

Here at Automate My Biz we understand the need for Done-For-You Programs and have designed expert, flexible and affordable programs to help get you going faster. We know time is something you’re no doubt already short on and work with you to get your Infusionsoft Campaign live with a fraction of the time and effort of going it alone.

How Does The Automate My Biz Done For You Program Work?

The Done-For-You Program begins with a Strategy Session to create a 10,000 foot view Automation Blueprint. This plan is critical to ensure all problems are recognised, opportunities identified and that we’re heading in the same direction.

Once the Automation Blueprint is created, we meet again to walk through the specific elements and pathways of automation from initial lead capture, to left voicemail/uncontactable campaigns, to conversion automation and delivery of services or product, right through to creating exceptional customer service and support. We ensure all is on track and tailored to suit your unique business model and marketing funnel and then continue with the Done-For-You technical elements of the build and implementation.

Building the campaigns and fleshing out the individual goals, sequences, tracking, reporting and pathways inside Infusionsoft are a time-consuming project for Infusionsoft newbies. Our Done-For-You clients prefer the time-saving benefits of our Programs and the fact that every step is built by a pro.

Our Certified Consultants Ensure a Full Handover Training to Ensure You Hit the Ground Running

We then complete a number of trainings to handover the software and equip you to use it to automate and grow your business.

Automate My Biz’s Done-For-You clients benefit from our year’s experience in creating high converting, profitable and time-saving campaigns as well as having all of the grunt work taken care of. Its for these reasons that these Programs aren’t cheap and may be priced out of the market for small business owners or entrepreneurs limited by a very tight budget.

Find out more about our Done-For-You Program and request your no-obligation quotation today to get your business automated with Infusionsoft sooner.